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AVADO produces cutting edge e-learning materials for blue-chip brands.


I was brought in to ensure that a particularly high profile and demanding client received whitepapers and course materials perfectly tailored to their needs.


My primary role was to transform complex materials into concise, engaging copy, which could be understood by teams across the world.

‘If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.’

– Lew Platt, former Chief Executive of Hewlett-Packard (HP)


The practice of sharing knowledge between employees and the wider business can become an important part of a brand’s competitive advantage. Sharing knowledge in this way enables the brand to seize opportunities and respond more rapidly to external changes.


This course will build on and go beyond capabilities established in existing marketing materials, which are designed to help marketers to ‘speak the same language’ and structure their approach across different countries and continents. After all, it’s no use speaking the same language if you don’t share your great ideas.


To begin, we’d like you to read this article about creating a culture of knowledge sharing. Then, we’d like you to tell us at least one thing that you currently do to encourage knowledge sharing and the adoption of new ideas. There’s always room to continuously improve – so you’ll need to finish by telling us at least three things you could change now to build on your sharing, coaching
and collaborative skills.


We know you’ll be bringing a range of different backgrounds, skills and experience to the table.  And so, this activity is an opportunity for you all to reflect on your different areas of expertise.  Do you know a different way of sharing knowledge? How can you help others explore it?