Case Study


In 2017, Dan Barber invited some of the world’s most exceptional chefs to turn waste food into exceptional dishes.

Working closely with Barber’s team, I produced a case study that helped each of these world-class talents to express their individual vision.

The study helped drive a great amount of traffic through social media and saw the event get picked up again by national newspapers.

After five weeks of eye-opening education and gastronomic delight, wastED London’s run has come to an end.


Hosted on the rooftop of Selfridges, Dan Barber’s pop-up restaurant has been a runaway success, with many Londoners having taken this chance to learn about the vital issue of food waste in the most delicious way imaginable.


It wasn’t just Barber and his team that made wastED such a success though. Every night, some of the country’s best and brightest chefs stepped into the kitchen to create their own dish inspired by the pop-up’s philosophy and ideas.


Diners were delighted with an absolute plethora of unexpected reinventions: animal bones turned into charcoal; cod cheeks and collars cooked as if they were prime cuts; off-grade fruit and vegetables the stars of the show. Nowhere else in the capital could you even hope to find deep fried fish bones, or the dripping from dry-cured hams as an alternative to butter.


As this incredible project draws to a close, we caught up with some of those talents, and the man behind it all, to learn their own wastED stories.