Business Blogging


I’m working with Worldpay to establish a comprehensive collection of articles addressing the needs of small businesses.


Written with SEO best practice in mind, these resources are a great way to entice new leads onto the site, as well as providing great value for existing customers.


They make heavy use of my speedy and accurate research skills, as I to tackle trending issues from a position of authority and guidance.

Compelling content is the foundation of almost every successful marketing campaign. Whether that’s a multimillion pound advert shot in a high tech studio or a series of photos that highlight why your product or service is so amazing, content is king. What form that takes depends entirely on your industry, but it might include a series of short promotional videos, an ad for
local publications or a partnership with a social media influencer.


One particularly popular form of regular marketing content is to publish blog articles.  Blogs are relatively cheap, easily customised to suit your needs at the time and generally help your audience connect with you
in a less formal way. Most of the best business blogs and articles centre around providing their readers with value, some that is essential in a modern marketing scheme. Barefaced attempts to peddle your service or business are discarded by pretty much everyone that isn’t immediately interested. Whilst that might sound alright, the end effect is that it kills your leads. Far better to kindle their curiousity and turn those with a passing interest into potential customers.


The easiest way for you to add value to your own content is to embrace your expertise.Putting modesty aside for a moment, you almost certainly know a lot about your business. Chances are, you know a lot about your industry as well. That information and first hand experience is valuable. People want to read about it, want to get your advice and to learn from you. Even if you’re just starting out, that’s an angle in and of itself